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The Give Bin in on hiatus while we wait for our partners to catch up with our success

Thanks to your donations, we collected and successfully diverted over 10 metric tons of material from landfills. Thank you, THANK YOU, for supporting our Portland community.

The Give Bin collects and delivers all reusable goods except batteries to local nonprofit organizations. This helps connect people with the things they need while also reducing waste in our landfills. 

Donate to our pilot bin (24/7). 



We are a pilot program, setting up a network of donation bins throughout Portland. We want to make the process of donating reusable goods as easy as taking out your recycling on Thursdays.

Getting the right goods into the hands of those who need them poses a supply chain challenge, but our network can collect and distribute one Olympic-sized swimming pool’s worth of reusable goods per neighborhood, per year, to nearby disadvantaged populations. 

Instead of driving to Goodwill, what if instead you could drop those goods off at the end of your street or in your building’s lobby, 24/7? Let us collect and drop your reusable items off for you. Our innovative solution is cheaper than the landfill processing of those same goods.

Support The Cause

Click the link below to support our partners at Trash For Peace.

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